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 Behind the scenes <DEAD>

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PostSubject: Behind the scenes <DEAD>   November 5th 2010, 3:58 am

Due to lack of interest, this thread is now dead Sad

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PostSubject: Re: Behind the scenes <DEAD>   November 5th 2010, 9:19 pm

I'll copy paste this since I'm to lazy lol

Hello all... NeoOF13th here, best place to begin I guess is to say how I got my cal sign, I am part of the 13th Wolf Guards Gaming community (kind of died down these last two years though...) we started in mechwarrior 1 or battle tech and grew into different games... we currently are mostly in Astro Empires (an online MMOG text based set in space) and EVE-online (known as the praetorian Black Guard or XBG).

My Gaming Experience:
first online game was Mechwarrior, no clan affiliation
then came BF2142, I co-lead the 13th there... though not many play in that game anymore... (Park52>anything else)
then came Astroempires, multiple leadership experiences and been playing for over 3 years now... anyone interested PM me :-P
Then EVE-Online, I was off an on in this game for over a year, but recently had to stop playing because of RL time constraints ( Crow inty pilot, also electric warfare Pilot... GO CALDARI!!)
then COD4, got all golden guns many many times... I keep accidentally resetting my file XD... no clan affiliation...
then, Combat arms, led a clan of 30 for awhile.. mostly 13th mech jockeys... but all of them stopped playing -_-
few other random games but not notable to bring up... lol

about myself? fourth year Psychology Student at UW-Madison in WI USA... enjoy playing airsoft (PM if interested in my load out) and paintball (woodsball specifically, go tippmann!) and for your viewing pleasure, a

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Behind the scenes <DEAD>
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