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 DC Marketplace --> Central Square

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PostSubject: DC Marketplace --> Central Square   January 31st 2011, 3:02 pm

I set up a marketplace between the houses and the Aztec waterslide pyramid. c:


Only the things listed may be sold in the shops.

o1. Farmer: Yellow flowers, red roses, seeds, cactus, sugarcane, and wheat.

o2. Miner: Cobble, smoothstone, halfsteps, gold, iron, coal, obby, mossy cobble, redstone, diamond, cobble stairs, iron doors, and mob spawners. This list includes both ore and ingots.

o3. Lumberjack: Wood planks, logs [all three types], saplings, leaves, sticks, ladders, fences, signs, wooden stairs and doors.

o4. Landscaper: Grass, dirt, sand, gravel, clay, bricks, glass, flint and steel, flint, snowballs, snow blocks, ice, and the task of landscaping.

o5. Chef: Brown and red mushrooms, apples, pork [uncooked and cooked], cake, bowls, mushroom soup, golden apples, eggs, milk buckets, and sugar.

o6. Mechanic [Title may change]*: Minecarts, boats, minetracks, levers, buttons, pressure plates [wood and stone], redstone torches, TNT, gunpowder, storage minecarts, furnace minecarts, and saddles.

o7. General: Workbenches, chests, furnaces, torches, water buckets, lava buckets, books, paper, empty buckets, records, jukeboxes, noteblocks, and dispensers.

o8. Blacksmith: Wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond tools and armor; shovel, pickaxe, axe, hoe, and sword; headpiece, chestplate, pants, and boots. Also, bows, arrows.

o9. Wooler: Dyes, general wool colors [white, gray, dark gray, black], string, colored wools, and paintings.

* I just named it Mechanic shop, because.. the stuff being sold there seems mechanicy.. ish.. so, unless you can think of a better name, that's what it's going to be.


I marked out plots, ask before building in one.

It's 20A per plot, once all the shops are built and sales are being made, there may be tax. [About 5a per week] But, we might just scrap the tax idea altogether, so..

Payment goes to Nammy

As far as building goes, I want creativity, and although some plots are in the shape of a square, that does not mean the shop needs to look like a cube. No cube shops allowed! One thing that is required though is a theme. I want the product that is being sold in the shop to be represented in the building. For example, the miner's shop can be made of smoothstone and halfsteps, while the lumberjack's shop is made of wood, and the wooler's shop is made of wool. However, that does not mean the shop should ONLY be made of one thing.. I just want it to be obvious what is being sold there.

If your shop does not meet my standards, you will be told to re-do it. Any talk-back or crying will get your shop removed, and you will not have your money returned.


If a shop has a name at the end, that means the position is filled. If you request to have a shop and do not build one or fix any problems within 5 days, you will lose the spot. It is on a first come, first serve basis, however if I feel as if the person is not deemed fit to run a shop, the next worthy candidate will receive the spot.

There is only one person per shop, but the miner shop seems to over-power a lot of the other ones, so that shop will have 2 owners. Both must take equal responsibility in maintaining the shop, and profits should be equal between the two, but it's really up to the shop owners to decide how they would like to split it up.

Only residents of DC may own a shop.


Just to keep things organized, I will create a small form you must fill out.

What shop you would like to have:
Second choice in a shop:
Are you a DC resident?:
How long have you been living in DC?:

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PostSubject: Re: DC Marketplace --> Central Square   February 2nd 2011, 3:58 am

Username: nice2835
What shop you would like to have: wool shop
Second choice in a shop: torches
Are you a DC resident?: sort of?
How long have you been living in DC?: since before it had a cobble stone border
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PostSubject: Re: DC Marketplace --> Central Square   February 11th 2011, 2:03 pm

What shop you would like to have:oasis farm
Second choice in a shop:reptilelovers farm food
Are you a DC resident?:no and i would like o become one
How long have you been living in DC?:no time
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PostSubject: Re: DC Marketplace --> Central Square   April 21st 2011, 8:15 am

Not very many people were interested in the DC marketplace idea. With the newly renovated GCS marketplace, who would be? Rather than letting the spot go to waste, I created a Central Square.

On the left is the DC food stand. Run by both mayors, it is stocked with pork, cake, and mushroom soup for all your dietary needs! Have too much food on your hands? The shop not only sells, but buys too!

In the center is the Desert City Train Station and fountain. One of the only water sources in sight, you'll be pleased to now you can drink straight from the fountain! Located inside the station is complimentary bread, a community chest, and a few chairs to rest those aching feet of yours; the desert has always been a treacherous place to walk through. If you follow the stairs to the underground area, you will eventually come across the mine tracks. A mine cart shop is located below, as well as an introductory board for all new comers.

On the right side is a map of DC. Quite like a mall map, it displays your current location, as well as other tourist attractions you'll be delighted to see. If you're ever lost, just bring yourself to the heart of Desert city and let the map be your guide.

- - -

The two remaining spots near the front of central square need to be filled. If you have suggestions on what to build, please share.

If enough people move into Desert City and wish for a marketplace, one will be set up. However, there must be a minimum of five residents willing to participate.


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PostSubject: Re: DC Marketplace --> Central Square   

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DC Marketplace --> Central Square
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