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 Houses that will be removed! Claim yours.

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PostSubject: Houses that will be removed! Claim yours.   April 21st 2011, 7:50 am

Been inactive lately? Neglected the sign in front of your house?

Your time may be running out!

One of the rules in the housing regulation states,

"If a mayor asks you to edit your house, do it. If you're not there, a sign will be left in front of your house, changes should be made within a 5 day limit."

This is a thread to list the people who currently have a sign in front of their house;

o1. Bernt33

o2. krazyming14

o3. Cothuun

Anyone who fails to edit their houses within the five day period will have it demolished.

No refund of money or items given.

However, posting here and claiming your house with promises of editing it as soon as possible will give you an extension.

*Note: Signs are not easy to miss. They are usually placed in front of your house and address the changes that need to be made.


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Houses that will be removed! Claim yours.
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