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 Time For Me to Get Out of Dodge...

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PostSubject: Time For Me to Get Out of Dodge...   April 21st 2011, 10:01 am

Friends, countrymen (or not, there's a lot of you Europeans out there...), members of the press...

As some of you may have heard, some colleagues and I have been working on our own server for the past couple of days. Currently, the server is nowhere near ready for it's open Beta, nor can I tell you when it will be. However, this morning words were said. <-- Words also just said.

It seems that information was leaked about our project, unintentionally of course, and some individuals were upset that we were leaving so suddenly. Please note, I want everyone to know that we are not leaving overnight. As previously mentioned, the server is still VERY early into testing. Therefore, we were not planning on leaving the server immediately.

Also, it pains me to see that the four of us are taking flak for not announcing it sooner to the rest of you. But if it's only three days in the making, is that really entirely necessary? Not in my opinion.

"But jeepers, Paladin, when Austin left to create his own server, he announced he would be leaving months in advance!"
*tousles hair* Yes, you're correct, small child in an informative movie! (Hi, I'm Troy McClure, and you just read this in my voice!) He announced it months before the server would go live! This is exactly what we were planning. Again, and I stress this because some people just don't seem to GET it, the project is only THREE, that's 3, days old, and will probably not be ready for a few more months.

Since this morning's little escapade, I've decided it may just be best to focus my energy on our work. Don't cry, little ones, I shall return. I'll probably pop in every now and then to visit and check out the server. But until then, you probably won't see very much of me. When the server is finished, I hope some of you will at least poke your heads in and check it out.

I will also give you a pony.

Please know that I have no desire to quarrel or hold a grudge with any of you.

I formally renounce my OP status, and recommend either BorjaX or Vyzz as my replacement. I think a demotion down to Veteran is more than enough.

Now I shall take my leave of you. You have given me much in these last few months, including entertainment, carcasses, and the chance to sing. Until we meet again, brave souls, until we meet again.

Picture unrelated.
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Time For Me to Get Out of Dodge...
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