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 The Olypic House

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PostSubject: The Olypic House   June 1st 2011, 6:40 am

Hello there! A while ago i built a house on our server:

I got really satisfied with the result, and built another one on my singleplayer world.

(If you want to know, i'm currently working on the third house. Planning on building a whole town with a big number of olypic houses)

I got a lot of compliments for it, and I came up with this terrific idea. Why not start a house-building agency?
So, if you like this house, you can actually get one yourself (only in multiplayer though). I have counted all the blocks and items you need to build it.

Here's the list:
stone: 88
cobble: 96
planks: 160
torches: 12
wool: 12
doors: 2
glass: 36
fences: 24
sand: 144
stairs: 216
wood: 72

And here's what you have to do:
- Reply to this post (or send me a message) with the address to the server you're playing on (if you want it on another server too)
- Get all the stuff and put it in a chest
- Show me where to build
- Just sit back and watch your house take shape!

The interior I leave to you.
Balconies, decorations and other stuff i also leave to you. I only build the basic.

If you are not so good at getting your house look good, this is a pretty good opportunity for you, and i do not request something in return (unless you are playing on the Green City Server, hehe).

P.s. This post is mostly copied from my post on the minecraft forums. So if you find an identical post there, don't worry, it is mine. hehe

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The Olypic House
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