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 Appealing a ban - jump hack - me106

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PostSubject: Appealing a ban - jump hack - me106   June 17th 2011, 8:28 am

I was given a ban that I was able to appeal many months ago now... the reason that I am appealing is because of mcbans and how it looks bad to all future server that I'd like to play on. I was banned for "speedhax", though that was probably just a label applied to my illegal move. I had at that time a mod that allowed me to jump three blocks instead of one. I no longer so callously use mods on any server without permission, and I hope that I can be forgiven... I don't expect much pity, but I have taken the time to write this appeal, and if your tolerance of hacks is so unbelievably low, why allow me to do so?
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Appealing a ban - jump hack - me106
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